Pier 1 Run

Yes, it rhymes.

In celebration of a big sale that coincided with our house offer getting officially accepted today, I finally spent $300 worth of gift cards I’ve been saving since last August and Christmas ($200 from my brother, $100 as a goodbye present from a piano student in TX). I’ve had my eye on a few things for a while…and they all went on sale!

Also, regardless of where we move, these are things we could use after we purged stuff during our TX/CA move. Just in case though, I’m keeping the receipts until we officially move in somewhere!

$74/each, bought two for the living room, since we left our old lamps with Julie in TX. Thank God for giftcards! Loving the blue bird in the shade...fits so perfectly with my decor!

These curtains were 40% off-- just $19/panel! Woohoo!

A soft fuzzy rug for Gregory and Anthony's room-- $99!

The total came to $310, so I got all of the above for just $10! Now, if I can just have the self control to keep them all in their packaging until we move… 😀

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