Pregnancy Cravings

I realized that I should record a few of the strange cravings I’ve been having over this pregnancy.

* Ice chips– this probably means my nutrients are deficient in some way, but whatever, I do what I can. I just LOVE chewing on ice! Ice water is particularly fine– I drink 2 big glasses every morning with my half cup of coffee.

* Tuna, especially tuna salad!

* Top Ramen– this is a disgusting and embarrassing one from the first trimester.

* Taco Bell burritos– equally embarrassing, nutritionally speaking 🙂

* Soup, especially Minestrone

*Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches– I’ve never liked these before now!

* Peaches!!!

* McFlurrys (oh, mini-snack size, you are a tummy angel!)

* Thrifty’s Cookie Dough Icecream

* DONUTS. nahmnahm

* Strawberries– In a day, G and I can eat a whole container of fresh organic strawberries, BY OURSELVES

My beer cravings are still pretty strong, but not as bad as last time. In case you don’t remember, before I got pregnant with Gregory, I disdained even the SMELL of beer. During the pregnancy, it was all of a sudden there– this irresistible, can’t-get-through-a-beer-commercial type of thirst. I barely even knew what beer tasted like, having only had a sip or two in my life, but all of a sudden, I was Gollum and it was my ring. Jesse bought me some non-alcoholic beer, and I loved it, not knowing any better. After I had G, Jesse introduced me to the wonderful world of dark, malty beers and I fell in love (lest you think I sound like an alcoholic, I can barely finish a beer before I’m full…not even close to being enough for any sort of buzz or even having a dangerous level in breastmilk!). And then, when my milk supply struggled, I drank two beers a day along with a ton of Brewer’s Yeast.

But now, having tasted such wonderful dark beer, I can no longer stand the non-alcoholic stuff. It’s way too bitter and weak.

So, I bide my time…Jesse’s promised that if I do a good job birthing this kid, he’ll take me out for a nice beer on tap! Can’t wait, for sooo many reasons, the least of which is I would like an end to all these contractions! Last night, I hardly slept at all. They just kept coming, and I couldn’t even sleep through many of them.



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