Sprinkled Shower Fun!

I feel so blessed that my sister and mother in law were able to throw Anthony and me a shower! Many times, 2nd babies don’t get a shower, so I was super stoked that they hosted one. So many cute decorations and little foods… (one girl made SNOWCONE cupcakes! It was AWESOME!). Hopefully, I will be able to obtain pictures of it all. About 13 people came, which was the perfect sized crowd– lots of chatting, but still the ability to play a fun word game that my mom designed (pretty creative– I’ve never played it at any shower I’ve been to!). I got many of the absolute must-have necessities, including all those little parts for my pump, nursing sleep bras, the travel-baby bouncer I wanted, lots of newborn dipes and the nice play gym I registered for. Someone even put together a “mommy” package, complete with blossoming tea and relaxing soap πŸ™‚

Here’s just a sampling of few other cute/unique things:

Some of the funny onesies. The baseball in the corner is actually a timer for G's timeouts!...

A few sweet ones

Pam Bartel made a super soft blanket with "Anthony" stitched on the back!

A super soft crochet blanket for Anthony. I'm super stoked about this, because as a baby (6-12 months) I only felt comfortable letting G sleep with a blanket that had "holes" in it for breathing. I can't exactly take G's away to give to Anthony (yeah, that would go a long way towards promoting brotherhood between them!) and I was starting to stress about learning to crochet a blanket in time. This blanket is also special because the lady who made it also did our premarital counseling, 6 years ago! She'd already been making this blanket for months, after I saw her knitting at a basketball game in December!

Some fun room decor! The mom of the girl who made the cupcakes sewed all of those buttons, and the hooks will be perfect for their little jackets! πŸ™‚


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