Day Trip to LA

The plan: drive down to LA on Saturday morning, leaving G with my dad for the day (we figured that being in his own environment might help with the weirdness of not having us around for a day!). Drop by the Ikea in Burbank for a few things. Arrive at Biola at 3pm, take my Latin comp test with my old prof Dr. Llizo as the proctor. Meet up with the Shelbys for dinner. Pick up Joe at 9:30 at LAX and head home.

What actually happened: G slept in until 8:00am (unheard of!), so we got off to a bit of a late start, leaving at around 9am.

Ikea was a ZOO. I counted 8 pregnant women there– hello, nesting? I picked up the Expedit bookcase I’ve been drooling over for quite some time now. G needed something for his toys and books, and this one is glossy gray, so it will fit perfectly with his room decor once we move into our new house.

We got to Biola at 3:15, but my professor was nowhere to be found. I’d emailed a few updates throughout the day (don’t have his cell, IF he even has one!), but hadn’t heard back. We left a few messages on his office voicemail, and waited by the fountain, studying together, just like the good ole days!

After 2 hours, we called it quits (turns out, he completely forgot and emailed me an apology a few hours later that night) and went to the Eagles Nest (more nostalgia!) for a light snack before dinner. We did some touring of the different buildings, driving by Hart, before we left to drive by our old apartment on Santa Gertrudes 🙂 We even made a quick stop at Savers (oh how I miss it!).

Savers' finds: an adorable denim shirt and saddle shoes for G, plus 2 newborn sized things for Anthony. I can't wait to have him use that little sweater vest in a photo shoot!

From there, we went out to Thai food with the Shelbys, then picked up my brother Joe and headed home.

While it was disappointing not to be able to take my test, a few good things came out of the day: 1) Because I work best under pressure, I am now SUPER prepared for my test. 2) I talked to my UD professor, and he is now willing to let someone at NCCS proctor it for me, meaning I won’t have to drive far to take it! 3) Jesse and I got to spend a chill, child-less day at Biola together, reminiscing about the past 4) we finally got to make an Ikea run! 5) we got to see good friends and 6) we got to talk with Joe for the 3 hour drive home!


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