Twice now, Gregory has been the one to initiate doing morning prayers. The other morning, on our way out to get “num-nums”, he pulled one of us over to the icon corner and made us pick him up. He sits very still the entire time we pray, more attentive than I’ve ever seen him (seriously, he doesn’t even make a peep!), and then gives huge open mouth slobber kisses to all of the icons.

This morning, I must have accidentally left our door open, because he came out to the kitchen holding one of the icons he’d pulled off. He was walking around the kitchen, giving it big kisses. I led him back into our room, where he pulled me over to the corner again and made me pick him up like we do when we’re praying. We did about 3 minutes of prayers (the extent of what I know by heart, sadly), gave some more big slobber kisses, and went back out to the kitchen.

Lately, we’ve been pretty faithful doing our family prayers in the evening. I’ve been meaning to establish a morning prayer routine with Gregory and I as well, but I’ve just been really bad and lazy about it. I’m tired and groggy in the morning, and all I want to do is eat.

But now I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is using Gregory to help get me more on track. Makes more sense of where Paul says that a “woman will be saved by child-bearing” in 2 Timothy. If we go with the Orthodox definition of “saved” (which is more of the Protestant equivalent for the term, “santification”, fyi), this makes total sense. G not only helps save me through trials, he also does so because he gets convicted about doing things, even when I don’t. He’s willing to put down his balls and cheerios, just to go pray.

I wish it were always that simple for me!!!



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