34 Weeks!

Side Note: Yesterday, I wore heels to work. Hmm….8.5 months pregnant and chasing a toddler in heels? I think there should be some sort of Extreme Olympic Sport for this, no? Also, I remember with chagrin the countless times I’ve fallen/tripped in heels when I WASN’T pregnant…

Yup, just 21-ish days and I can feel safe about going into labor! I know it’s not good to count on going early, as there is always the possibility of going stir crazy if you go over 40 weeks, but something tells me this baby is coming sooner rather than later. Some of the signs? I feel like he’s already dropping! This didn’t happen until 37 weeks with Gregory (and after it did, I went into labor within 10 days!), but I’ve heard with 2nd babies it can happen much sooner. Every time I pee, I feel like he’s going to fall out (sorry, TMI!). I can feel where his head is constantly, and it is NOT FUN.  Instead of kicking my ribs, like he was last week, his shoulders and elbows are pushing against my lower pelvic bones (oh man, it hurts!). I can breathe easier, and I have to pee more often. All of these are sounding like the beginning symptoms of “dropping”…

Plus, there’s the undeniable “10-20 Braxton Hicks/day” stuff. Those are not terrible, but definitely not comfortable or fun. Only a few/day have hurt, and only a few wrap ALLL the way around my back.

Oh well! We’ll see! For now, I’m just happy that I still don’t have stretch marks (please don’t hate me!) and that I didn’t get the “linea nigra” that I did last time! Amazing, considering that the last one didn’t even fully fade until 5 or so months after G was born.

I also haven’t started swelling yet! This is a HUGE praise, as by this time with Gregory I was definitely suffering from Carpel Tunnel in my hands and fingers and could hardly write or play piano. Nothing like that thus far! I can even still get my wedding ring on and off!

You can see all of the grocery bags on the bottom left. My mom is helping to lead their annual J.H./H.S. Church Snow Trip to Shaver Lake this weekend!

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