33 Weeks

Getting so close to the finish line! I am super tired today, as G got woken up really early (7am), and I was up almost all night with achy hips and a crazy baby who would not stop rolling around for hours. I actually woke up at around 4am and tried to do “pelvic rocks” so as to make him “float” away from my ribs, but no cigar. Thanks, kiddo.

At my midwife appt. yesterday, I told her exACTLY, under no uncertain terms, where his butt, back, feet and head were. After a few minutes of feeling around, she looked at me and said, “Wow! You’re right!” Yes, I thought, I know it. I feel punches and sharp karate kicks under my left ribs and what feels like quite a battering ram of a head squashing my bladder ALL the time. Not to mention the fact that my belly is almost never symmetrical anymore…there’s just this BABY BUTT sticking out like a cantaloupe along my right side.

Gained another 3 lbs. these last 3 weeks, so that’s good news! Right on track. I still have another 7 to go before I get to what I finally weighed with Gregory.

hurry up, Baby Anthony....


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