Maternity Photos, 31 Weeks

Okay, I promised a few photos, so here they are!

This is my favorite grin of his πŸ™‚

Tickling G

Wherein G throws one of Anthony's baby shoes at the camera πŸ™‚

the epitome of our family dynamic

"Kisses for Gregory!"

G literally INSISTED with much screaming that he be the one to walk himself down the dangerous stoney hill (actually, now that I say this, I see that this picture was taken at the base of the hill, when we'd almost reached the park...I'm not THAT overprotective, really...)

G's outfit, brought to you by Baby Gap and Converse, was all bought at a garage sale for less than $1...kid you not!

For the record, G was not supposed to be in ANY of these pictures. He simply saw the camera and kept jumping in. I have to say, I'm grateful he did-- he's too precious!

31 weeks

I couldn't believe it-- he actually gave Anthony a hug on command!

This is when he REALLY started to ham it up for the camera, giving me lots of "awww!" hugs

I just LOVE this preppy sweater of his that we got for 50 cents at a garage sale!

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