32 Weeks!

Yesterday was the 32 week mark.

For comparison’s sake:

32 Weeks with Gregory. See how well rested? Le sigh...

OOOh.so.tired looking....yes, folks, that's what being pregnant while chasing a toddler is like!

I’ve come to find that my babies like to stick straight out! People keep asking me if it’s a girl, because I haven’t “spread”. I guess there are different shapes to baby bellies? Mine is the type that is narrow side to side, but sticks out further than usual.

32 weeks is tough, but with the help of my chiropractor (I love that lady!), I’ll make it through. Definitely got some serious heartburn issues. Morning sickness comes and goes. Anthony doesn’t kick anymore, just mOVES and strETCHes all the time. It’s more uncomfortable than the kicking was, I’m afraid. He decides to put his heel right underneath my rib cage. While he stretches out, little by little, I’m like, “ow, ow, OWWW!” just praying that it will subside soon. I can actually see opposite sides of my belly bounce at the same time while he stretches– one side, I presume, is fists, the other is feet.

Oh yes, and SO MANY Braxton Hicks contractions. I’ve decided to only count the ones that wrap around my entire back and make me stop breathing normally. Is that okay?

Praises: No swelling and no stretch marks…yet….knock on wood, right? Did I just jinx myself?


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