Birthday #26

Yesterday, I celebrated my 26th birthday!

How I chose to spend it really is a sign of the times, I must say. I wanted super low-key– just a family dinner out to eat somewhere. No party, no huge activities to get exhausted over planning or doing.

And then, Pregnancy Meltdown #53 happened on Thursday night!

One of the things that I pathetically sobbed to Jesse about was how many things there were “unfinished” in our back 2 rooms (our bedroom and office/living area). Since we’ve been staying at my parents’ house and originally weren’t too sure how long we’d be here, we sorta didn’t finish a few projects that we always “said” we would.

In the midst of this sobbing meltdown, Jesse kindly offered that on my birthday, he would like to give me the gift of being my “handyman” for a day (or two?). The big project on the table was re-painting a few walls that were pretty beaten up after Janelle took down all of her teenage paraphernalia (the back room used to be hers before we showed up!). Β A bit more room-re-arranging got thrown in there in order to accommodate my “baby corner”, along with cleaning the carpets and helping me re-finish a new dresser for “the boys” (love that I get to say that now!).

So, the day officially went like this: I got to sleep in until an ungodly hour of the morning– 10:45am!!! Present #1, much appreciated πŸ™‚

Jesse made me Belgian waffles and coffee once I stumbled out to the kitchen πŸ™‚ Again, what a guy.

I checked my email and found that I had received an online Starbucks giftcard from Courtney. Yay, more coffee!!

At around noon, when G went down for his nap, Jesse and I got started cleaning up our room to prepare for painting.

At 1pm, Jesse started painting. Meanwhile, Tess arrived to hang out. Get this– she offered to take me out for a pedicure. Instead, I asked if she would please please please help me organize a closet that’s been bugging the BEGEEZUS out of me. Again, sign of the times, right? Pedicure vs. organizing, and I picked the latter…

But she was was such a big help. By 3pm, the walls in our room were freshly painted and our open closet/shelving area in our “living room” was all pretty and organized!

I didn't even the guts to take a "before" was THAT BAD

Not only did we get everything rearranged and organized, but we also pulled out all the newborn boxes and set them in G’s room for sorting. Ahhh….I can already feel those pregnancy stress hormones subsiding…(NOT. But it was nice, nonetheless).

Jesse and I then put G down for Nap #2 at around 4pm and started power-sanding the back surface of the main door in our room. The door looked…how shall I put this…like crazy children tried to claw their way out using only their teeth and fingernails. In reality, the door was all scratched and gouged because my mom had a tough time getting all of Janelle’s sparkly stickers off of it.

After power-sanding, we did our first coat of “tinted chalkboard paint”. It’s gonna be so awesome having a “chalkboard door”…can’t wait!

While this was going on, my mom and dad picked up my new dresser for the boys from the school’s thrift store. We didn’t have time to get to it until today, however (Jesse actually came home between church and the Super Bowl and power-sanded the whole thing!).

At 5:30pm, right as we were getting ready to head out the door to make our dinner reservations, I got my first call from Jenny since she had baby Micah. We’d been texting back and forth, but I still hadn’t heard the details concerning the birth. I talked with her the whole way to the restaurant and a little whilst sitting outside the front entrance.

The place we had decided on was AJ Spurs, an old-fashioned steakhouse not a mile away from where I grew up. We used to celebrate every birthday here when I was a kid, so it definitely had lots of “nostalgia-factor” points going for it.

8:30 pm, an hour and a half after G's bedtime! Hence, the glassy drone that used to be our baby πŸ™‚

One thing about AJ Spurs– you never leave without being 110% stuffed. They bring so much soup, salad, salsa and tequila beans beforehand, that by the time you get your HUGE plate of food, you are already begging for mercy. And then there’s the included dessert– rootbeer floats, sundaes or a dessert liqueur.

My birthday dinner-- 1/2 rack of steak ribs!!!

My family gave me some very fun gifts, including a giftcard from my in-laws, a pair of earrings and the promise of being my “servant, slave or bitch for 4 hours” from Brooke, and a few “post-pregnancy” clothes from my Mom, along with this awesome antique 18 drawer apothecary chest that my Dad ordered from Amazon:

I cannot wait to organize all of my craft, sewing and office supplies in here!!!

All in all, it was a perfect day for this time in my life. Nothing too exciting or stressful, LOTS of food, and tons of help organizing and preparing for baby Anthony. I am so blessed to have close friends and family who will go out of their way to do something that may not seem fun to them but means the world to me πŸ™‚

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