30 weeks + Checkup!

Wednesday, one day shy of my 30 week milestone, I had another checkup with the midwife.

Everything was completely normal and ordinary, aside from the fact that this was the first appointment where I brought G with me, alone, without Jesse to help wrangle him. G and I both rolled out of bed at 7:45am (earlier than usual, for both of us!) and made it to the appointment by 8:30am, looking like tired sleepy heads.

But my worries over how he would behave were for nothing. He was an absolute HAM. He has no concept of shyness, no “stranger danger” (especially if they offer him food…) and wanted to say, “hi” to every single lady in the office.

The cutest moment that I will NEVER forget is when I went to lay down on the table so the midwife could check for Anthony’s heartbeat with the doppler. G was busy taking all of the children’s books out of a basket in the corner, but when he saw me lie down, he toddled over, curious. When the midwife put the doppler on, G looked at her, looked at me, then looked at my belly. He then rested his hand right on it and grinned ear to ear, looking right “at” his brother. OHMAGOSH, it took my breath away. Ridiculously adorable. I swear, he knows something’s up.

But all is healthy healthy healthy as could be. I gained a little over 1/2 pound this month, which means that I’m up to a grand total of 152 pounds. Perhaps I’d be more happy about this if I hadn’t said I wanted to keep the whole thing under 150…that was probably grossly unrealistic, the more I think about it. There I go again, setting unrealistic expectations and then being disappointed 🙂


These past few days, I’ve been nesting like crazy. I have a short list of all the absolute, must-have essentials that I need to stock up on– new tubing for my breast pump, Miracle swaddling blankets (got two for $20 on Craigslist, both in GREAT condition/neutral colors!), a nursing bra (my old ones are RIP, thanks to Claire…). There are a few more things I must have before he’s born, and a few more that I will have to buy within the first month or two…gah, everything was so much easier when I had 3 ginormous baby showers in Dallas 🙂

Other preparations coming up this month include a breastfeeding refresher course (notice a theme in preparations/supplies?), an infant CPR class, and breaking out our old Bradley method workbooks to review. Next week, I’m also interviewing a potential doula who does prenatal massage! Um, yes, please? She’s also a yoga instructor?! And her name’s Kelly. That’s gotta be a good sign 🙂

Jesse and my dad just rearranged the furniture in our bedroom to accommodate my new “baby” corner, complete with our co-sleeper and dresser/changing table (I REALLY don’t want to have two of those things in our possession, but need something for when G’s room is off limits. I’m not using our bed, even with a changing pad on top…still scarred from a bad experience from Gregory’s early days). Next up: my mom is going to help me break out all the newborn stuff we have stored in the garage so we can sort through it, wash bouncer covers, etc.

Why so worried? I mean, he’s like 10 weeks away, right?

Well, Jenny’s early delivery got me worried…I mean, this could happen in 7 weeks! Then again, it could also take another 12.

Perhaps I should just continue generating unrealistic expectations, right? Because THAT’S healthy 😉


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