Just yesterday, Courtney Jenny and I were talking about how some “Mom-Blogs” sugar-coat their lives and end up only being a Photo-shopped version of their real life at home with kids.

I explained that I really have no patience for these kinds of blogs– I like real, and I like honest. Sometimes, it’s inspirational to read someone’s blog when they have it all together, (because, come on, let’s not hate on competent people, you know who you are), but inspiration is not always what I need. Instead, sometimes, I need to read about someone who wants so so badly to give up, but chooses to overcome instead. On certain days, this kind of encouragement isn’t just helpful, it keeps me sane.

So, I thought I would list a few of the blogs that I read, in case you, too, are a mom that needs to keep sane once in a while. I’ve included the blog by posting the link to one of my favorite articles from each:

Little Miss MommaΒ on Momma Guilt: Although I didn’t include it, you need to read their love story! It’s so sweet that she decided to write it down in story form for her kids to read someday πŸ™‚

The Wiegands on how she lost her 3rd baby at 14 weeks. If you turn on your volume, her blog plays such pretty music. Love it! Also, she has the most gorgeous kids I’ve ever seen. So, I guess if you have ugly kids, don’t read this blog (gotcha! every mother thinks her kids are the cutest thing ever, right?). They are also poor as dirt, which makes them extremely relatable πŸ™‚

Momastery on 7 years of marriage and 3 kids later. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I gotta hand it to her, she’s encouraging. Big time. If you want to laugh until you pee your pants, just read her archives. There’s one post about Target that had Courtney and I crying. GO for it.

Caved In: When Parenthood Collapses Around You on refusing to feel Mommy Guilt, no matter how hard others might push it on you. I included her blog because she’s a fulltime working mom (a nurse) and provides a good dose of the “other side” for me to understand and try and relate to. Her son is just a few months behind G, so it’s fun to compare notes.



2 thoughts on “Mom-Blogs

  1. I always struggle with that for my own blog. Because I want to paint a realistic picture, but I also don’t want to focus on the negative. You know what I mean? It’s a hard balance.

  2. Thanks for including me πŸ™‚ I still don’t feel guilty for any of that. I hate when people try to force their parenting beliefs on you so I’ve learned to have a steel spine in regards to my kid. I’m going to check out these other blogs. Love having new stuff to read.

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