New year, new…suit?

I know it’s really early to be thinking about bathing suits. In fact, some of you are probably dying a little bit inside, right here, right now, as I say this.

But I am so tired of being huge. I’m also trying not to think about the fact that I will only get bigger, as these last 13 (maybe less?? please??) weeks progress. This is my way of dealing.

One thing I am coming to grips with is the fact that I now live in CA, which means that there will be lots of beach trips this upcoming summer. Also, my parents have a large pool in their backyard. Enough said, right? Bathing suit needed.

Way back when, in my teenage years, I tried to wear two piece suits, but it just wasn’t “happening”. I know this is hard to believe, considering that most people are the opposite, but I was actually much heavier in high school. Seriously. About 15-20 pounds heavier! Most people vow that by their 10 year reunion, they will look like their high school self again.

If this happens to me at my 10 year reunion? It will probably be because I’m pregnant with #3 (oh man…scary thoughts here, people…).

When my metabolism kicked into over-drive, sometime around my sophomore year of college (for the record, I did nothing to cause this. I was eating cafe food and late night “Molca Salsa”, exercising less than I did in high school…none of it makes sense!), and I suddenly weighed 15 pounds less than I was accustomed, I swore off one-piece bathing suits. Who knows…maybe I was rebelling, just a little?

Surprisingly, after I had G and thanks to the absence of stretch marks (thanks for the genes, mom!), I was able to wear a 2 piece once more.

But, let’s be honest here…Baby SnowCone is due in April. In CA, that’s when people start wearing shorts and tank tops. Instead of having 8 months of breastfeeding to take off all that baby belly, I’ll have just days/weeks.

Yes, realism. (And, yes, I realize the complete and utter irony of that statement, seeing as I am 7 months pregnant, sitting next to a roaring fire, eating cheesecake, dreaming of bathing suits).

So…perhaps a one-piece bathing suit is in order here? Just to take off some of the pressure? To spare the world one more muffin top floating in some pool?

Being honest, it’s been years, YEARS since I bought a one-piece bathing suit. Approx. 8 years, to be exact. So I had no idea what I was looking for.

Until I saw this adorable suit in Anthropologie’s new collection:

Totally cute and retro, right?

The only problem? The price tag. $148!!!

Wow. No thanks. I’d rather buy a house!

But then, I found this suit at Shape FX.

comes with a removable halter

Almost identical.

The price?

Normally, $79.  Right now, however??? On sale for $10.

It’s almost like I just made that up, it’s so wayyy too good to be true! Hard to believe, even!

Actually, there are probably a lot of things you’re finding hard to believe right now…

But I can’t possibly think that I’m the only pregnant woman, dreaming of one day wearing a swimsuit again? That actually seems pretty probable, no?


2 thoughts on “New year, new…suit?

  1. I have one like that halter (but in red) that I got last year from Walmart. I know, I know, not the best store usually…but the price was GREAT and the quality was good too! It was only sold online, but I was able to order a couple sizes and colors (it came in red, black, or turquoise-type blue) and I just returned the ones I didn’t want to the nearest store. Super cute suit; I highly recommend!

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