Our Growing Man

Our Lil’ Man is growing by leaps and bounds lately!

If you ask him where his hair and ears are, he will sometimes grab them (he has to be super focused).

He can drink through a straw.

He’s almost figured out how to get Claire out of her crate (uh-oh..)

He kisses icons at church (actually, it looks more like a head-bump, which he does out of affection for people when he’s tired of hugs… 🙂 )

He says, “please” consistently (although it sounds like, “lssss”)

He says “thank you” (“dah-doo”)

He says, “Yeah!” (especially when I say, “do you want juice?”)

If you ask him to get something or put it away, he does it! (or, if he chooses not to, he makes sure that YOU KNOW he’s choosing to deliberately disobey…). If I say, “No, bring the ball to da-da!” he does exactly that.

He says, “Aw duh” (all done). This is a wonderful development, because when he’s mooching food off of my plate, all I have to do is say, “All done!” and he holds his hands out in the air to the side and walks away.

He is babbling ALL the time, trying to imitate every word we say. I say, “Go to grandpa!”, he says, “Ban-Bah!”. We say, “we’re going to church!” and he says, “Chur!”

He holds basketballs/balls/anything high in the air, raises his eyes to the ceiling, bends his legs and straightens quickly, trying to “shoot”. Seriously, I’ve never seen a baby do this!

He can catch gentle bounce passes (um, wow with the eye/hand coordination?)

Last but not least, he is obsessed with basketball.

This is how he stands whenever basketball is on TV. If it's anything else, he ignores the TV and doesn't even care that it's on.

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