I’ve been waiting for this couch for MONTHS. Literally. I’ve checked Craigslist daily, typing in the words, “vintage couch”, hoping for one to pop up in our price range.

The problem with most couches like this?

They’re either wildly expensive:

Exhibit A: Anthropologie couch, $3,200

Or they have some ugly 70’s print that needs a reupholstery job (which can run about $800):

Exhibit B

Or they are torn up from years of use/abuse:

Exhibit C

I’ve been searching for something JUST LIKE this ever since we sold our huge beast of a Chesterfield sofa back in Dallas (it LOOKED cool, but it was one of the most uncomfortable things EVER).


But I’ve had no luck. The couches were all Exhibits A-C. Until last night, when someone posted this couch!

Exhibit "Match-Made-In-Heaven"

I was the first to email her, so it’s ours! I already drove out and paid her for it, since there were tons of offers. Mint condition, perfect neutral color, and only $200! 😀


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