Our lil’ man Gregory is so stinkin smart. Seriously.

One of the things he LOVES to do every day is read books. No longer is this solely an independent activity, although he still reads by himself a few times a day. But ever since we got him a few new books for Christmas…it’s like the never-ending story. Literally.

Take this book, for instance:

There’s NO WAY G could like this book any better than he already does. Not even if it dispersed cookies every time he read it. Every page is comprised of different kinds of dogs with different barks. Which means he just LOVES to have someone read it to him.

Several times a day, he goes over to his book basket, shouts, “MaMA! BOO! BOO!”. If I don’t walk right over, he picks up a book, walks over to me, and politely CHUCKS IT AT MY FACE. When I look up with surprise, he says, ever so calmly, “Boo?”

So we read the “Boo”. Usually, after 2-3 books, he’s satisfied…unLESS he grabbed the doggie book. I’ve literally read that thing to him 4 times in a row before he lets me set him down. He will be sorting through his books, looking for the right one, and when he gets to that doggie book he “cackles” (yes, it’s sinister), and grabs it, saying, “Oh! Oh! Oh!”.

One of our other favorite books:

I like this book because I don’t go hoarse from making 10 different doggie barks. This book has also taught him at least 3-4 animal sounds. He now says them on command! Just this morning, as we got to the end (where all the animals are gathered together on one page!), I asked him, “What does the cow say?” while pointing to the cow. He said, “Bmbmoooooooo”. I pointed to the duck. He said, “Qua! Qua! Qua!” I pointed to the horse, and he said, ” Heyheyheyhey!” (I guess this is what I sound like when I “neigh”?) We’re still working on pigs and sheep 🙂

Then, I closed the book and said, “All done!”, hoping that I was right. He turned and said softly, “All duh!” and has been playing with his toys ever since.

Yup, I think we have quite a smarty-pants on our hands!  He’s only 14 months old!

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