Jesse is now 29 years old! So hard to believe. 29 is just a year away from 30, and I don’t feel like one of us should already be that close…I mean, we’re still kids, right? Probably some of these feelings stem from the fact that I am still 25 and feel like I just made it there….25 feels like a looong way from 30!

Aside from a family birthday party that we have planned for tonight, I also plan on taking Jesse out to dinner and movie sometime this weekend. Complicating scheduling, however, is the fact that my bff Tess’ birthday is ALSO today. Happens every year! I guess I just really gravitate towards January 5th people. She’s planned a 5 mile hike for her birthday party…on Saturday morning no less…good grief. That’s my girl. We’ll see if this sciatic preggo will be able to hang.

Anyways, please thank God extra hard for me today for giving G, SnowCone and I such a wonderful father and head of our household!

Jesse and I, 8 years ago!!!

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