*Sniff sniff

My little boy’s growing up on me. Today was his first haircut. It’s needed to happen for a while now as the back was “Goldilocks meets the 3 bears at an 80s party”.

Just because it needed to happen doesn’t mean I wasn’t a bit sad. It seems like just yesterday, his hair was dark brown, growing down the center in a mohawk.

Since he’d just gotten done with his 3+ hour afternoon nap (this kid loves his sleep, I tell you), he was cheerful, to say the least. Especially when he found his reflection in the mirror!

And now, he looks like such a little man. So sad…my baby is no longer! 😦

still a bit sleepy....

discovers...the mirror!

Making tongue tricks into the mirror. One of his favorites right now!

but of COURSE I'm saving the hair for his baby book...



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