22.5 Week Appt.

So….I gained weight. A lot. 11 pounds in 5 weeks, in fact! Wowza!

And you know what else happened? My tummy went through a nice bigggg growth spurt. I’ve been lying awake the past few nights with lower tummy pains from all the stretching (it’s not contractions or Braxton Hicks, it’s definitely growth pains). My mom, after working for a few days, came in last night and said, “Oh my goodness! You’ve grown a ton!” (Thanks, mom. For future reference, you’re supposed to say, “The BABY grew a ton”!!!).

Funny though…even though I more than doubled my weight gain for this entire pregnancy in just a month (wow, did I just type that???), I’m exactly the same weight I was at 23 weeks with Gregory. Like, exact-a-dactly, pound for pound. Kinda strange! The midwife was pleased, to say the least 😉

This appointment was nice in that Jesse and Gregory were able to come along (I scheduled the appt. for 4pm, after Jesse was out of school). We also got to be with one of the midwives whom I hadn’t met yet. We LOVED her. Love might not even be a strong enough word. Unfortunately, she won’t be here for the month of April (stupid Spain vacation…), so unless this baby boy decides to show 12 days early?…

Regardless, we loved her. She was a bit older, but so peppy! She absolutely adored Gregory– she said, “Gosh, if they all come out this cute, you should just keep making more!”. She even asked how it was that Jesse and I got married after having grown up together.

She also made notes of all the things that matter to me for this next birth (no cervix-pulling exercise nightmare, having access to a birth tub, etc.) and assured me that things would not be as tough this time around. I really really hope she’s right. Even though back labor and pushing for over 2 hours sucked, it was nothing compared to that pulling thing…

Eck, enough. For now, I’m just happy to be putting on weight.

Also, we have quite an active baby on our hands here, so I guess he’s pretty healthy 😉 She pulled out the heart beat doppler, and amidst the ‘Buhbuh, buhbuh” of the heart beat, we kept hearing a “SMACK” sound.  She said, “Woah! That’s some strong movement there, if even the doppler picked it up! Did you feel that?”

Jesse laughed.

I looked at her, exasperated. “Yes,” I said. “I’ve been feeling that non-stop for hours every day.”

Then, I asked her if she could locate my bladder with the doppler. You know, in case Anthony dislodged it last kicking spree and I accidentally peed it out.


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