Baby Boy!

Yup, it’s raining boys over here!

I loved our ultrasound experience this time around! Their equipment was wayyy better than what we had with Gregory– not only did we get to listen to the chambers of the heart (separately!), but we also got 3D/4D images this time! Also, the baby’s measurements (head and waist circumference, along with length) have me measuring perfect for my due date– 21 weeks, 6 days along today!

And it’s DEFINITELY a boy. They identified all the “parts”, leaving little room for doubt.

So…I guess my intuition a few weeks ago was correct! We are still leaning towards Anthony, the name that came to me out of nowhere that day in the car, but we haven’t completely decided yet.

It’s so funny….months ago, Jesse and I both confessed that we really wanted a girl this time. Up until a few weeks ago, that is, when we both just “knew” somehow that it was a boy. While we were still “surprised” today, it also felt right.

After about 1/2 an hour alone with the technician, Jesse called in both grandmas and Gregory to ooh and ahh over the screen πŸ™‚

I’m a little scared about having two boys! As I’ve mentioned, this one is JUST as active, if not more so, as Gregory was in-utero. The ultrasound technician could hardly get a shot of the feet, as they were moving so fast. He was also doing flips, twisting around the entire time. The 3D imaging had to go to real time (4D) in order to capture anything!

I quickly said to Jesse, “Honey, we’re gonna need a bigger yard!”

He responded, “Nope. Just 2 leashes.”

Oh boy, oh boy. 2 boys, 18 months apart? This is gonna get interesting!

Then again, I’m sooo glad to be having another boy. As I was putting away G’s 6-9 month clothes last week (he just grew out of them…), I got really sad. I mean, REALLY sad. So many of his things hardly got any use, seeing as he was the wrong size during the season (again, everyone TOLD me that my Cone Babies would be huge!). While little girl clothes are pretty cute, I’ve come to find that there is a lot of really cute stuff for boys too! Lately, I just can’t get over his adorable little converse shoes! And don’t get me started on how much Dodger gear we have (currently, he’s sporting some Dodger slippers whilst carrying around a Dodger bat…nevermind that he’s using the bat as a “vacuum cleaner”!).

Also, G’s already so athletic, throwing and kicking everything in sight, that he will love having a brother just as active as he is.

Will I love it? Again, with the yard…. πŸ™‚

Full body! For those that need an interpretation (dad), the head is on the right, the umbilical cord is that fuzzy cloud stuff at the middle/top, and the legs are scrunched up froggy-style. The black blob is the stomach, I believe

The tell-tale boy shot

The awesomeness of 3D/4D! He's covering his face with one hand πŸ™‚


One thought on “Baby Boy!

  1. Congrats again! So excited for you. And Anthony is an adorable name — it has my vote! And I completely agree about the yard. I hate that our yard here is huge and wild and not fenced in. I’d kill for a nice grass-filled backyard! I’d be out there all day, letting the kids run rampant, and reading. You should have all your family pool resources next Christmas to get the boys a swingset for your new home πŸ™‚

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