Things I Want to Remember

— When I turn the Pandora station to “Christmas” and start dancing along, G stops, puffs out his chest, and tries to move his hips side to side with the music. He knows he’s silly and stops every few minutes to laugh.

— He knows when he’s tired and gives us clear signs (90% of the time!). Sometimes, he walks over and puts his head on your knee, sighing. When you say, “night night?” he sighs again and puts his head back. Or, he’ll just sit down in the middle of the floor and do nothing, staring at the wall. At these times, when he’s put to bed, he almost gives you a hug, he’s so happy to be curled up with his blanky and white noise in the crib πŸ™‚

— He loves books. During the day and every night, he takes his time, grabbing each one and flipping through the pages. Lately, he thinks they are all peekaboo books and gets frustrated when the cardboard “fights back”. I’d say he spends at least half an hour every night, reading either with us or independently!

(In fact, just now, while writing this post, I realized it was waaayyy too quiet, and suspected that G was into something. Instead, I found him reading by himself in front of the fire place! Picture-esque!)

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