and so it goes

Well, looks like I caught myself a little case of the pukes. I started feeling gross late yesterday afternoon. I went to bed before 10pm, hoping to just sleep it off. Just a few hours later, I was puking up everything. Lovely.

Thankfully, I have the world’s best husband, who woke up and held me while I threw up. He then immediately cleaned out the bowl for me using the backyard hose, got me a towel, and rubbed my back. All in the middle of the night. Such a great guy 🙂

It’s also so nice to have family close by when you’re sick. My mom woke up with G and watched him until he went down for his nap. Esther came as she always does on Monday to babysit, even though Jesse had already found me a sub for my class. Janelle helped me watch him while Jesse went to basketball practice this evening. All I’ve had to do today is sleep, watch a little bit of daytime TV, and sleep some more.

I think the worst is over (please?). Since I threw up pretty much everything I’d eaten on Sunday, I woke up pretty hungry and tried to eat a few bites of oatmeal at noon. MISTAKE. I quickly felt just as awful as the day before. I then tried some peppermint tea. Ick ick ick.

It’s now 6:30, and I just ate a few crackers and am feeling fine. SnowCone and I could really use some food, so I’m thinking of venturing into the land of 7up and toast?

My only concern, at this point, is for my babies. Luckily, despite the nagging fear of Listeria and all of it’s fetus-damagine concerns, SnowCone has been making his/her presence quite known with constant kicking and karate chops to the bladder. Gregory has not shown any signs of anything yet…I am not emotionally ready for his first stomach illness (I think that sick children are the saddest thing ever!).

Also, quick update about the ultrasound. On Friday, I suddenly got this nagging worry that no one had called to confirm my appt. So I called to make sure. The receptionist acted very confused, first saying that my appt. was the day before (what? no way). She put me on hold, then came back and said that the appt. was cancelled weeks ago, due to the fact that they no longer accept Medical referral patients, and someone should’ve called to let me know. I let her have it at that point, because this appt. had been on the books since OCTOBER, and no one had called.

If I still wanted to come, however, I would be responsible for the expenses out of pocket, to the tune of $1200. Yeah. Right.

When the midwife practiced opened a few minutes later (lunch break), I called them and they said this was the first they were hearing about the diagnostic center not accepting Medical. They called around and made me another appt. as soon as possible for Wednesday early afternoon at the SLO Diagnostic Center. Jesse already has a substitute for his after lunch classes, so he should still be able to attend. So, I’ll just have to be patient! This is a good lesson for me, to be sure 😉

Okay, off to try and eat!


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