Blue or Pink?

This Friday, at 2:30pm, we find out Baby SnowCone’s gender.

And, yes, I’m pretty dang excited. I do not handle surprises (or waiting for them) well. For the past few weeks, it’s been killing me, knowing that this baby’s “parts” are all there and I don’t know what they are…everyone pretend I said that less creepy.

Because of the way things worked out with the insurance, I will be 21 weeks and a day at the ultrasound– a little later than they recommend for gender determination (they like it to be between 18-20 weeks), but such is life when things are free.

The NICE part about waiting is that Jesse has a half day and will be there. We might even have both sets of grandparents there as well, along with Janelle and Gregory, of course 🙂

I hesitate to say this…because I know it will sound silly (when has that ever stopped me)…but last week, as I was driving home from the store, I got a sudden feeling/premonition. All of a sudden, I had a very strong feeling that this is another boy. Weird (I didn’t have any “intuition” about Gregory’s gender, whatsoever). Not only that, but a name also came to me out of nowhere– Anthony. Was this name ever discussed between Jesse and I? Nope, not even with G. But it felt right, for some reason. Even though I don’t know anyone by this name, nor have I ever liked it’s nickname (“Tony”).

I texted it to Jesse right away. I’m not sure he’s 100% on board with it, but he didn’t run for the hills screaming. And it passes the “3rd grader test”, as my brother would say. Sadly, so many names fail this test. Think about it. We liked Caedmon, but everyone I ran it by said, “What? Caveman?”. Also, I like “Amos”. But it sounds like “Anus”. What about Benedict? Just make a nickname out of the last syllable. You get the idea.

Anyways, sounds good, right? Anthony Cone?

Just 48 hours until we know whether my “momma’s intuition” really is gender-blind.


One thought on “Blue or Pink?

  1. Just revist Place of the Lion, Jesse will like Anthony a lot more. I mean, after reading that book, how do you not like it? =)

    Also, I’m gonna vote that you are right. I had thought Annalyse was a boy until maybe 2 weeks or so before the ultrasound when I just got a strong premonition that she was a girl and just knew that would be the case.

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