Wonderful Weekend

To make a long story short, Jesse and I decided that since the Folsoms were in the bay area, we would stop at nothing to see them (even if only for a short time!). It was decided that once Jesse was done with his basketball practice on Saturday morning, we would travel up.

It was already a long drive (5.5 hours), but we also hit traffic due to a bad accident on the 5. NOT COOL, but it happens to everyone, especially on Thanksgiving weekend. In the end, we got to spend at least 4-5 hours with the Folsoms, eating dinner and chatting. Unfortunately for them, they had a verrry early morning flight, so I’m afraid that we made things a little hard on them!

Jason saying goodnight to G

Oh, and by the way everyone, in case Jason’s never mentioned it…I mean, he never did in all 7 years that we’ve known him…his parents own quite a gorgeous house. I mean, wasn’t there a minute, in all 7 years, when he could’ve briefly mentioned, “Yeah, my parents live in this 4 million dollar mansion, right outside of Lake Tahoe, overlooking a lake, on a private reserve. Oh yeah, we have horses too.” ??? Nope. Must’ve slipped his mind.

After sleeping in (we were supposed to make it to an OCA church in Sacramento, but SnowCone and I had other plans), Jesse and I made our way down to San Jose for some Christmas shopping. It’s hard to buy unique presents here on the Central Coast (everyone shops at Kohls, Target or Ross!). Also, I’ve been on the hunt for a maternity coat that doesn’t look like an upside down umbrella. I’ve tried on several…Jesse’s reaction has always been, “you know how you don’t like looking like a tent? Yeah…you won’t like that jacket….” Brutal Honesty, at its finest.

But we found a real winner at the Old Navy Maternity in San Jose. Last week, this wool peacoat was $89. Yesterday? On clearance for $31! And all they had left was my size. Epic.

After spending a few hours at a few different malls, my dad, brother, sister and aunt showed up in San Jose, on their way to take Joe back to the airport. We met up at Bucca de Beppo where we ate a TON. Then, we drove the 3 hours back home.

He stood like this for several minutes, taking it all in. Then, he was off, chasing the little girls who were doing gymnastics 🙂

Splashing water in the fountain. At one point, G attempted to jump in.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how fearless he is with dogs! He knew exactly how to pet the fur without pulling (although I was nervous, saying, "GENTLE! GENTLE!" the whole time)

All in all, I have to say– G is such a good little traveler! Slept almost the whole time, both there and back. When he wasn’t sleeping, he was easily entertained. Since he’s drinking whole milk now, it was easy to stop at convenience stores and buy a small pint here and there. He did great with two late bedtimes and sleeping in places he wasn’t used to. How did Jesse and I luck out with such an easy kid?

Also, those few hours with the Folsoms were totally worth sitting in traffic for 🙂

One thought on “Wonderful Weekend

  1. We had a great time, Kelly! So glad you decided to make the drive up! We were groggy the next day, but like happy-groggy from having gotten to visit with you all.
    Also- 3 more days! …not that I’m counting.

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