Friday Thanks

Our first thanksgiving home in 4 years! To recap: our first Thanksgiving in Texas was with the Voss family in Houston, our second was with my family who drove out to Dallas, our third was with my Uncle/Fr. Peter and Aunt Collette in San Antonio, and our fourth was with Jenny and Jason’s parents and family in Rockwall. All four were wonderful, but there’s something about being home, truly. My mom makes the BEST dressing ever, and every year the fact that someone else made it different (good, but different) was a reminder that I was not near my family.

Everyone contributed, so there was a LOT of food. I made 3 sweet potato casseroles. My apple butter was also featured– it was really really good! I am quite proud of myself!

G partaking early

With Aunt Janelle and lil' doggers

Lots of place settings....our family, the Honeycutt cousins, 2 aunts and an uncle from my Dad's side, and the Cones!

G locking himself in the family room...sad days 🙂

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