Saturday of Girlie-ness

Today was the day. The epic, “Watch the Next Twilight Movie with Tess” Day. We’ve seen 3 out of the 4 movies together, so it’s getting to be quite the tradition. Turns out, Tess’ mom started listening to the books on tape by accident (she thought it was something else, but by the time she figured it out, she was hooked? I think?), and so she decided to come. Which meant that my mom also came. What ensued was a morning of girlie-ness!

My mom and I started off the day with two garage sales in a rich neighborhood. We found a wealth of stuff for Gregory, just in his size!! All in just half an hour, too!

Get ready…we got EVERYTHING you’re about to see, all for under $10!

crocs, converse, and pediped shoes, all barely worn

9 pairs of pants and sweatpants. My favs are the Reebok ones in the middle!

5 pairs of LONG and LEAN pjs...perfect for our G!


9 shirts and sweaters. My fav is the green Janie and Jack one in the middle

4 jacket/sweatshirts, 1 sweater a rash guard, and a hat! I got a jacket at Marshalls for $16-- what I thought was a steal-- last week. Since he hasn't worn it yet and I found this one from old navy, I'll probably go get my $ back!


29 articles of clothing, 3 pairs of shoes, and a hat, for under $10? Good deals!!! All exactly in G’s size and what he needed right now (especially the shoes! he’s growing out of another size every week, seems like!).

Then, my mother and I met Tess and Debbie Jo for coffee at the “dam” (Amsterdam, for those of you who aren’t local 🙂 ). Tess needed a shot of coffee since she got back late last night from a concert in Santa Barbara.

yummy Saturday breakfast-- coffee, lemon bar and fruit!

From there, Debbie Jo and my mom went to buy us movie tickets, while Tess and I browsed the CUTEST FABRIC STORE, EVER!!! (seriously, if any of you ever come visit, I have to take you there!)

two of my favorite cute! leettle kitties!

And then, the movie!

As sickeningly chick flick as this movie was, the wedding scene was BEAUTIFUL

After the movie, it was lunch time, so we all had salads and sandwiches at McLintocks in downtown Paso.

After we ate, we walked around downtown for a bit and did some window shopping. Window shopping is always more fun around the holidays, wouldn’t you agree? Even if you happen to be pregnant and can only dream about accessories… 🙂

it was a bit sunny, hence the squinting!

On the way home, my mom and I stopped at Kohls. Since we have tons of family coming in for Thanksgiving, she wanted to replace her kitchen rugs and stock up on Keurig cups (expensive, not economic, but so easy and fun!).

Whew! It was a day to remember, that’s for sure!



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