Kicking off the Fast

We just had the YUMMIEST food…..tummy still aching!…

Jesse and I still hadn’t used our large gift certificate to Robert’s, given to us for our 5 year anniversary by my in-laws. Since the Advent Fast starts tomorrow (well, for Jesse, anyways. but if I wasn’t pregnant, I would be too!), we decided that it was now or never time. As in, now or next year. Same thing. Since my parents had their “community group” tonight, we put G down to sleep in his pack n play at Brooke’s house before taking off.

We started off with champagne (complimentary, because we said it was for our anniversary…Jesse had all but two preggo-lady-sips of both glasses) and a tasty 3 cheese, charcuterie, dried fruit and candied walnuts platter. DELISH.

Our second course consisted of salads, perfect in every way.

My third course was a yummy “Chicken Farfella Pasta”. OMG. TO DIE FOR. Jesse had the “Grilled Ribeye Steak”, smothered in blue cheese butter.

Of course, we intended to get dessert, but we were STUFFED to the gills. Instead, we ordered some decaf Peets coffee and took our time, chatting away!

We still have just enough of the gift certificate to go back and get a dessert some other time, and I already have my eye on the Apple Pie Bread Pudding!…

Eating a nice meal really shows me how we need to indulge in this sort of thing more often! Sure, places like Chili’s and Macaroni Grill are nice in their own occasional right, but a nice upscale restaurant? We definitely need to make a “thing” out of this more often!

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