My son

is definitely a Cone!

Exhibit A:

For dinner (not his snacks or bedtime bottle, just his DINNER, in ONE SITTING) he ate:

4 oz. of squash

4 tbs. of oatmeal (since it is iron fortified, I like to pair this with the vitamin c in the squash)

1 bowl of Trader Joe’s mac and cheese

2 cups of cheerios

1 scrambled egg w cheese, milk and pepper (he loves pepper…)

1/2 banana

6 oz. of pear juice

This kid’s stomach is 13 months going on 2 years! Holy moly!


Exhibit B:

When I asked him if he wanted his “num-nums” now (I really gotta stop using baby talk…), he nodded his head vigorously and hollered “NUM-NUMS!”


Exhibit C:

He paused in the middle of eating, cracked a big smile, and then let out the longest rip-roaring fart. Then, he looked over at me and started laughing hysterically. I’ll give you ONE GUESS which parent he learned that from.


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