Gregory’s little vocabulary has been just exploding over the past few days! We are now up to around a dozen words. It seems like each new day, he’s discovering a new one.

Today’s? He looked outside the kitchen door (paned in glass) and saw one of my mother’s cats. He always makes his high pitched animal noise, and we always respond with, “Yeah! See the kitty?”

Today, he looked at her and started saying, “Ki, Ki, Ki, Ki”, over and over. As he tried to say the second syllable, it morphed into sounding more like, “kill….kill….kill…” Oh well. Baby steps, right?

He also says, “Dis” for this, and “Dat” for that, so it makes it helpful when he’s trying to tell me what he wants (language is such a beautiful thing!). Also, “bottle”. Sounds the same as “ball”, but he makes it clear that these are two verrrry different desires. One is accompanied by lots of playful laughter. The other, by something that can only be described as homicidal intensity.

In related news…he seemed a lot skinnier this week, which made me a bit worried– until he wore a pair of overalls yesterday that are now an inch above his ankle! I swore that those fit just last week. So…our little bean pole is growing taller, but not wider. If you saw Jesse’s childhood pictures, you’d know exactly where we are headed. I guess this growth spurt explains all of the sleeping– 17 hours straight one night last week, along with a 2 hour nap only a few hours after he woke up! I would’ve been worried if he wasn’t so happy and healthy during his awake hours.


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