“Gregory”…in so many words

Overall, I must say– I am loving this whole parenting a toddler thing. I know that the terrible twos are just around the corner, but for right now, I am giving thanks. He is such a wonderful, well-tempered boy! His tantrums (over not getting to play in toilet water and trashcans) last all of 5 seconds before he’s moved on to something else. He routinely stops in the middle of his playing to give hugs or kisses. Watching him discover all sorts of new things is some of the most fun I’ve ever had. It must be something about the fact that he’s my kid and all, but I am just fascinated by whatever’s fascinating him.

He’s also got a very sensitive little heart. A few days ago, he threw (yes, THREW, not dropped. This kid has one heck of an arm for a 12 month old!) one of my mom’s necklaces into the toilet. In pure reaction mode, I screamed, “NOOO GREGORY!!!!” I must’ve sounded pretty intense. He immediately jumped, then began to shake all over and turned his face into the cupboard to sob. He wouldn’t even look at me. I felt terrible…absolutely terrible. I hadn’t meant to scare him, it just surprised me and I reacted. Poor lil guy, lots of hugs and cuddles were needed after that…

Sometimes, when he falls over or trips, his lower lip gets all shaky, like he’s trying not to cry. He crawls over to me and says, “Momma…” with his head on my shoulder, and cries a little bit. It’s so sweet, it makes me cry just to tell it.

I especially love nap times. The moment he starts acting cranky, I stick his pacifer in and pick him up. It’s like he knows what time it is…his eyes immediately get droopy and he relaxes against me as I carry him in, deposit him in his crib with his blankie, and walk away. That blankie…he’s definitely designated it as his “lovey”. When it’s lying on the floor, he’ll walk up to it and hold it to his cheek, saying, “mmmmmm”, all sweet and cuddly-like.

Gregory and our dog, Claire, are serious BFFs now. He’s learned to pet her without pulling, which she loves, and she responds with “doggie kisses” on his hands and cheeks (ew). It’s hard to keep them away from each other.

Also, he’s so very aware of everything, which is a bit scary. Yesterday, Jesse and I were in a bit of an argument during church. G kept having one of us hold him, but then grabbing at the other’s shirt and pulling them closer. Then, he would beg to switch to the other person’s arms and grab at the other parent’s shirt, pulling him closer. Back and forth, over and over, as though he was trying to pull us back together…he knew exactly what was going on and was saying, “Come on, guys, time to fix this!” I love this sweet and attentive side of him. (btw, of course we fixed things! besides the fact that we love each other, who wouldn’t for such a sweet little guy? 😉 )

Last but not least, the back of his head has progressed into full on Goldilocks curls…sooo incredibly cute. He could use a haircut, but I just don’t think I can do it!….


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