Since Jesse has been gone all day at his parents’ house, cleaning out the garage with Brooke and Rachel (a birthday gift to Norm), I decided it only fair that I spend the day cleaning and being productive as well. Luckily, Janelle has 4 friends over, and they are all about LOVING on Gregory, so he’s been out of my hair for a few hours.

So far today I’ve:

* Washed/boiled/stripped the diapers. Hopefully, no more diaper rash! Also, I’m soooo over disposables.

* Done 4 loads of laundry– whatwhat? 🙂

* Organized our clothes, cleaning out my normal clothes that no longer fit (sigh…maternity clothes, here we come! I was hoping to at least make it to 20 weeks without needing them yet, but alas).

* Began organizing all of Gregory’s clothes and supplies. I have several sizes going on, and I think he’s just about done with all of his 6 month clothing (I know, I know), so hopefully we’re all about the 9 months+ stuff now?!?

* Organized our cosmetics/bathroom stuff into bins

* Vacuumed

* Cleaned our desk/junk mail

* Stripped our bed to put the new, washed sheets on

* Sent an update email with pictures to my old piano students in TX…I miss them so!

On his way home from cleaning out the garage, Jesse is probably picking up a GORGEOUS shabby chic dresser for our room. I cannot wait…I’ve been waiting years for a nice dresser that will actually hold our clothes.

Also, I hope I still have time to make applesauce with the organic apples I bought at the Farmer’s Market last week (only $1/pound!).

Tonight is the last NCCS football game. Should be fun!

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