HS Sports

One of our greatest joys this past quarter of teaching has been the fact that we got to go to so many high school volleyball games. We had a little routine down– NCCS volleyball home games on Tuesdays, Paso volleyball home games on Thursdays with the family, occasionally NCCS football games on Fridays or Saturdays.

This week marked the end of all that, as the season is over. I know that basketball begins soon, but I love volleyball just a little bit more…after watching a few games, Jesse and I even went and bought a volleyball and have been practicing our “skills” (har-har) in the backyard. Plus, volleyball was the only sport I ever won an MVP medal in– the rest were “Most Inspirational” or “Most Improved”. No thanks. 😀

Anyways, here are some pictures I stole off of my 6’2″ sister in law’s Facebook. She did really well this year and was frequently mentioned in the local paper for her contributions to the team.

My Cone Family, all there to support Em on Senior Night for volleyball

Oh, the advantages of being so tall...

a "kill" for good measure



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