Unusual Day!

So far, this day has been a bit…unusual. I woke up as usual and got ready to teach my class, which was a little earlier than usual today since it’s a minimum day for Parent/Teacher conferences.

When G woke up at 9am (yes, we’re blessed, I know I know) I went in his room and was greeted with the most AWFUL stench ever. G was covered head to toe in poop. Man, I HATE disposables. This wasn’t a leakage problem, it was a HOLDAGE problem, as in, the diaper was so full and saturated that it disintegrated. Poop/diaper shards/chemical crystals/pee, soaked through a fleece sleeper and onesie. As I changed him, I started dry heaving, the smell was so bad. I couldn’t stop, until I started praying over and over again, “Lord, please help me not to throw up on my baby!” It worked– I made it through. I left him butt naked out in the living room and ran to make a bath for him. I could still hear him tearfully wailing, “mama! mama!”…it was so sad. Luckily, after we got all cleaned up and fed, he was his normal self again, right in time for his “Nana” to arrive at 9:30.

Turns out, my class didn’t start until 11am, so once I got to school, Jesse and I hung out and read, graded papers, etc. until then. After my one hour class, I took Jesse home for lunch (we grabbed Carl’s Jr. on the way) since he didn’t have any conferences until 2:30. We put G down for a nap at 12:30, and he’s been asleep since (it’s 3:15 right now).

I have one half hour conference to attend at 4, then I go straight to the gym to meet with a personal trainer, a free part of every new membership at Kennedy! At 5:45, my sister in law Brooke is joining me for a Zumba class…never done one, but should be fun? Perhaps? I’m so out of shape…we’ll see how it goes!


One thought on “Unusual Day!

  1. Oh man! Having three kids I have definitely experienced that before – its so hard to deal with when you are pregnant! I hope you enjoy your zumba class with Brooke! I enjoy your blog and am so happy about your little sno cone!

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