17 weeks

Little Baby SnowCone has been making his/her presence very well known for the past week. Last night, there was so much kicking (and for such a long time!) that even Jesse was able to feel it. What the heck? Do I have an another Energizer bunny growing in here? Seriously, what does this say about Jesse’s and my genes? If you have a really active first baby, isn’t the second supposed to be all sedate and pensive?

You might be wondering to yourself, does she wear the same shoes EVERY day? Why, yes, I sometimes do. And the same shirt, if I'm feeling lazy. Perhaps the same socks. You never know with me, I'm rather forgetful nowadays. Yesterday, it wasn't until I had gotten OUT of the shower and was blowdrying my hair that I realized I hadn't used shampoo or conditioner on it...gross. That's why God made HEADBANDS!!!


another angle


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