New word, new skill

Turns out, all we needed to buy G was a ball. He’s now spent nearly 30 minutes entertaining himself by throwing the ball, chasing after it, throwing it again, etc.

As he chases it (90% walking, although he hasn’t learned how to turn corners…just kinda ricochets off of whatever’s there and then continues on his merry way!), he yells, “Baww! Baww! Baa! Baww!”

I must say, he’s got a pretty good throwing arm! A lady at church yesterday said that she thinks he’s left handed. He walked over into her pew (we were at the Greek church in SLO) and started sorting the toys and papers, putting them into groups. She leaned over to us at the end of the service and said, “He’s so SMART!”

Yes, yes, we like to think so 🙂

Also, he’s almost entirely on milk! No more formula…so glad to be done!

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