Choir Practice

Tonight was my first choir practice with the church in Santa Maria. Every other Saturday, they hold an hour long practice after their 45 min. Vespers service.

Since it would’ve cut into G’s bed time, Jesse stayed home with him while I went. It actually only took me 45 minutes to get there (instead of an hour)…still a drive, but not as bad!

Only about half the choir was there– 2 sopranos (who were very good), a baritone, and the choir director who sang a mixture of tenor and bass. I was immediately assigned the alto part.

All in all, I’m pretty proud of myself! I was only very a little bit afraid, which is good, considering I was jumping in with a bunch of strangers. I was not only sight reading music I wasn’t familiar with (nativity and baptismal songs), but also reading in a few different languages (Spanish, Slavonic and Arabic!). I was the only alto, so there was no one to follow along with, except the occasional match-up with the bass line (often, they borrow from one another, just in different octaves, obviously!). I think I did well– they all seemed very grateful to have me there and begged me to come sing at the Liturgy tomorrow morning.

Ugh…I feel so at home there! Why is it 45 minutes away?

Pity Party done.

Cue the thankful music: It’s so nice to be part of a choir again! I love singing alto, and the fact that they really need it makes it all the sweeter.

Moment of Zen? Singing Silent Night! What, you’re surprised? Many Orthodox churches sing a few Western Christmas songs!

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