At the Park

After Jesse got home from work today (3:15! This is not getting old!), we decided to go for a quick run to the park. Even though we woke up to ice/frost on the windshield (G and I went with Jesse and the Senior Class to breakfast at Colby Jack Cafe and Bakery!), it turned into a gorgeous and sunny 75 degree Fall day.

First up, the swings!

Once again, G was not a fan. He had this face the entire time, holding the seat in a death grip. Finally, Jesse said, “We have to take him out! I simply can’t do this to him anymore!”

So, we moved on to the ducks.

Huge hit! Our lil’ animal lover kept trying to break free of Jesse to jump in the lake.

Next up, the slide!

Apprehensive at first...


Before we left, G walked around for a bit on the grass.

“Say bye bye to the park! We’ll come again soon!”

Parting is such sweet sorrow

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