There are some days where I wake up feeling down…depressed…”cheated”, even.

Today was one of those days. I couldn’t shake it. I felt like crying all morning.

On the “list’ of things to do today was to make it downtown SLO for a Barnes and Noble run and lunch with my Dad. Lately, he’s been on a “diet”, so we’ve tried not to go to our special Italian place across the street from his office. But today was a “Bueno Tavoli” kind of day, we both decided. Calories be damned.

After a lovely hour and a half of pouring out all my “troubles” over the yummiest pumpkin/ricotta cheese tortellini (oh yes, it’s just as good as it sounds!), I realized that over the past 2 years of coming to this restaurant, I’ve done a whole lot of complaining about bad things in my life.

By the next time we have lunch, however, God’s already fixed/resolved whatever it was I was complaining about the last time!

For example, last January, as we were eating our tortellini at this same restaurant, I was complaining about how much I hated being away from family and hated Jesse’s job. We sat there and talked wistfully about how nice it would be if Jesse, G and I could live in CA and have a nice teaching job.

And just 9 months later, I’m sitting in the same restaurant, complaining about something else!

Seems very ungrateful. Duh.

I’m so glad that God was able to remind me of the fact that the problems I have now are a breeze compared to what they used to be. I don’t suffer with the daily agony of missing my family. I don’t suffer with the fact that I want children but it’s “not time yet”. I don’t suffer for lack of my dream job.

Plus, I got to have a wonderful afternoon hanging out my dad. A blessing in and of itself, one that used to be a rare treat instead of a daily part of my life!

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