New words

Gregory’s vocabulary has been exploding the past couple of weeks. Sorry if this seems mundane– in case you haven’t noticed, I use this blog as a bit of a record of sorts, and so it helps me remember. Also, we have family all over the US who have begged me to keep track of these things, for their benefit 🙂

He now says:

— Hi (sounds like “Hiiiiyyyy”) accompanied with waving

— Dadda

— Momma

— Doggie (sounds like “Doddy”)

— Yeah!

— Numnums (food, of any kind)

— More (for any food, of any kind!)

— Hey ___ (like, “Hey, Dadda!” “Hey, Momma!”)

— That? (sounds like, “Dat?”). He does this one as he’s pointing around the room at random objects.


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