New words

Gregory’s vocabulary has been exploding the past couple of weeks. Sorry if this seems mundane– in case you haven’t noticed, I use this blog as a bit of a record of sorts, and so it helps me remember. Also, we have family all over the US who have begged me to keep track of these things, for their benefit πŸ™‚

He now says:

— Hi (sounds like “Hiiiiyyyy”) accompanied with waving

— Dadda

— Momma

— Doggie (sounds like “Doddy”)

— Yeah!

— Numnums (food, of any kind)

— More (for any food, of any kind!)

— Hey ___ (like, “Hey, Dadda!” “Hey, Momma!”)

— That? (sounds like, “Dat?”). He does this one as he’s pointing around the room at random objects.


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