SO cute. Whenever Gregory’s excited, he throws a fist into the air and yells, “Yeah!!” on repeat. He also says, “Numnums” for food now, opening and closing his fist over and over. Hmmm….I guess I’ve been using too much baby talk around him….

Also, he’s taken to THROWING objects. Yes, throwing. As in, “I’m done with my bottle. How about I see if I can SMASH it on the wall?” Why did I buy glass bottles again? Ah yes. “Evil” plastic.

In other news, we had our first play date today with a little girl who is a week younger than him. She was walking circles, all around him, sometimes using him for support when she lost her balance. I hope she inspired Gregory to do more walking! I kept joking to Jesse that G spent all afternoon getting pushed around by a girl 🙂

Currently, G is pushing Claire’s crate around the living room. She’s in it, so it’s a little heavy for such a small boy! He keeps grunting, as it’s kind of hard for him. Football player in the making? First, I guess we’d better work on not getting beat up by girls.


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