15 weeks

…as of yesterday.

I think I’ve been through a bit of a growth spurt this week. I’ve been getting the “shooting pain down the sides” thing again, which basically feels like I’m this balloon stretching beyond normal capacity.

And I think, in a panic, oh crap. I’m not even half way yet! If I already feel stretching, this is gonna be bad…

Also, I feel a bit cheated. I thought for sure that second baby, I wouldn’t feel stretching pains in my ab muscles like I did with G. Isn’t the stomach/uterus supposed to be all stretched out already? Pioneer baby, and all? This doesn’t bode well for labor. It’s like my body already forgot how to be pregnant…

Now you can see our handy dandy baby bathtub storage place! Isn’t it clever? Fantastic, really. Brilliant, even.

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