They’re here!

Apparently, I spoke too soon! Our photographer is amazing. Whereas most photographers have at least a week turn around time, Melissa went home and edited 100 images, all tonight. She messaged me saying she was in love/obsessed/captured/something by this shoot, and just couldn’t stop!

I’m inclined to agree. I am so glad we did these. For those of you who know me, photos are one of my love languages. I place lots of importance on them. I always wanted to make sure that we had lots of photos, of both good and bad quality (perferably good, not bad, but when the moment’s there and all you have is a camera phone?…) for all of our kids. It’s why we take 100s of pictures of G every month.

I’m so grateful that we’ve found a photographer like Melissa. She’s waaayyyy cheaper than most photographers, and she’s so creative, so “game” for anything! We dragged her to 3 locations today. And I already mentioned that she worked her butt off to get me these as soon as possible (for the record, I’m not psycho! I only asked for a small handful by Monday!). Plus, she made the little vest/top that G’s wearing at the end, using a tutorial she found on Pinterest.

I tried to just pick my top 10 favorites, but it turned into 20+. These are just sooo good. What priceless memories!!!

One final note: the little boots pictured were Jesse’s when he was a baby. Apparently, legend has it that he loved them so much, he used to sleep in them. My mother in law saved them all these years. I’m so glad she did!

I think this is going to become my new header for the blog. Our new addition, as represented by the balloons! We took this in front of my parents' house.

These next photos were taken at Jack Creek Farm.

This picture captures their relationship so well!

so happy!

He LOVED the tractor!

...and the wagon!

...and the pumpkins! His "Jack O Lantern" smile...kinda fitting?

Clapping for joy!

Such a cool shot!

What's this face??? πŸ™‚

Not one of my favs, but there was a petting zoo. And he loved it! He kept trying to stick his hand in the goat's mouth, which scared me to death!

A total Honeycutt look πŸ™‚

The water was his favorite discovery of the day

He was soaked after these pics

We rode the fake horsey! Adventure written all over this πŸ˜‰

He would NOT keep a hat on, the whole day

Again, what is this face? Anybody else have visions of the future? Say, during a basketball game?

I found us the perfect $6 pumpkin for carving (but not the one I'm carrying!)! Hello, Jack O Lantern!

These next pictures were all taken at an abandoned stone house along the side of the road, not 4 min. from our house. I’ve never seen it before, but Melissa’s got that creative photographer’s eye!

Okay...backstory on this one....I desperately wanted a naked baby butt picture. I'll definitely take this off the internet someday soon, but I LOVE IT!!! Btw, if you feel like judging, it's my kid and my blog.

"Froggy Butt". Funny story: he sat down in the grass for a quick second while I grabbed his diaper. I literally had to pull grass and twigs out afterwards!

G's trademark skinny arms (I PROMISE! This kid eats a ton!!)

He would NOT keep this hat on!

Mommy and G πŸ™‚

See the cute vest/shirt Melissa made? He's so dapper!


Our happy lil family

Christmas card?

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