14 weeks

Smell ya later, 1st Trimester! Thanks for reminding me of why I wanna wait a few more YEARS before Baby #3.

Then again, it’s always so hard to remember the pain a few months later…3 words: Propagation of Species. These words came into mind shortly after labor, I’ll tell you.

Hello Baby Snowcone. I heard your heart beat a few days ago! It was so neat 🙂

I’m still able to wear all/most of my normal clothes, especially pants, but this is probably because I’m carrying “high” again, just like with Gregory. Pretty soon though…bye bye shirts, hello the hell that is maternity shopping for me, seeing as all of my maternity clothes from last time were bought to survive 100+ Texas temperatures. Not exactly fall/school teacher material! If you spot any good sales/deals, let me know so I can jump on it!


3 thoughts on “14 weeks

  1. when you come here in november, why don’t you go ‘shopping’ through my shirts? in fact, i think i have a couple you lent me that never got back to you (closet is big enough here i’m able to keep all of them unpacked, so it’ll be easy to peruse).

    you look great! and memory’s are fallible 😉

    • i have a bunch of sweaters that i never wear that aren’t maternity but would probably fit pregnant kelly just fine. come shopping! 🙂

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