Speaking of…

Speaking of birthday parties, tonight we had a fun family party for my father-in-law, whose birthday is tomorrow.

Happy Birthday!

I'm proud of this cake. Jesse baked it, and I arranged the candles to spell, "Dad". Proud moment, really.


2 thoughts on “Speaking of…

  1. We weren’t going to throw Jackson one at first… but we were shocked by how many family members were asking when it was, and obviously excited about it! We decided that we’d do big parties with lots of invitees for the big milestones (1, 5, 10, etc.) and that in between we’d still decorate and make it special but keep it just our immediate families and the kids’ godparents. Parties get expensive – even just feeding that many people!

    After Jackson’s 2nd birthday this May, we realized that while Jackson enjoyed the day, we’re the ones that cherish the memories, love the pictures, and think all the work was worth it in the end.

    And I’m right behind you… Avery’s 1st birthday party is Nov 13 (her actual birthday is the 30th) and we’re doing an “Avery in Wonderland” theme 🙂 The key is to keep it as DIY as possible! And this time we’re pushing the time back (to 2 pm) so that we only have to supply snacks and dessert – no full meal, haha

  2. hahahahaha — I totally put this comment on the WRONG post. Oh well, this thought was obviously in response to G’s 1st birthday.

    But… Happy Birthday, Jesse’s Dad! 🙂

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