14 Week Appt.

Today was my 14 week appt. with the midwives, even though I’m still 2 days shy of that date. After I was done, I went and had lunch with my dad in downtown SLO.

And…all is healthy and well! The baby’s heart rate is on the higher end of normal, so Sandy teased that it is probably a girl. Blood pressure is great (not surprising, I’ve never had a high or low reading, ever).

Also, I found out some more nice things about French Hospital. They are close to getting their “baby friendly” hospital certification, meaning they don’t even carry things like pacifiers, formula, or sugar water.  It also means that they have a 95% success rate with getting mothers to breastfeed, due to 24-7 lactation consultants, a hotline, and a free support group once a week. When I asked her if I had to wear a hospital gown for the birth (something I dreaded the thought of! almost a deal breaker, even!), she was confused and said, “No, you can wear whatever you want and feel comfortable in.”

So, no IV! no hospital gown! nurses who are trained as doulas! birthing tubs! What’s not to like?

I will say, it’s a bit alarming that I’ve already gained 4 pounds since getting pregnant…already up to 132, and I was kinda hoping to keep this entire pregnancy under 150. Then again, I’m still not back to what I weighed before I got pregnant the first time around. Since I lost so much extra weight while breastfeeding, I think my body has been looking for an excuse to gain some pounds back and get back up to the weight I was for 6 years beforehand. Perhaps that explains the sudden increase?

But, then again, perhaps I should start working out? I’ve only been to the gym once since July….

Or maybe I should stop pigging out on orange juice? I love the stuff while I’m pregnant, don’t ask me why.

Or maybe I should cut down on the midnight bowls of cereal and chocolate chip cookies…?

I will say, though, I’ve been much better about my coffee/soda intake! I was finally able to switch out my coffee for peppermint tea, and I only drink soda if we are out to eat (and rarely, even then!). So, I guess there’s one healthy thing about my life!


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