Can You Believe It?

G’s 1 week countdown to his birthday has begun….goodness gracious. How did I ever let this happen? Is there a way to turn back the clock somehow?

All I can say is I’m glad we have another baby coming. I need a newborn to snuggle with STAT! This crazy wiggly little boy? Not so snuggly at the moment. More, “I want to tear the house up”…and can I say, recycling bins are such good, cheap and safe fun? I do, however, draw the line at Jesse’s beer bottles in the bottom…agh!

But yes…birthday party in exactly a week. Hard at work for the preparations over here! Tonight, I have to go back to Michaels for more scrapbooking paper (up to month 8!), more glue (first time I’ve ever completely used up a glue stick) and some cake decorating supplies.

Also coming up this weekend is G’s 1 year photo shoot at Jack Creek Farms with our family friend/photographer, the same one who did G’s 3 month photos. Can’t wait, it’s been 9 months since we had any good professional photos taken of him. I’ve collected so many cute “little man” outfits, it’s disgusting….

I love every morning I get to spend with this lovely boy!

Flashing his toothy Jack-o-Lantern grin!


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