We Are Old

Last night, Jesse and I chaperoned our first high school dance. We left G at home asleep with his Grandma and took off to be “young” again….yeah right. I must say, the most surprising thing of all was how much energy those kids have! “There’s no way that they’re gonna dance for all four hours,” we thought. But many of them did! Not the “sway back and forth” to-the-rhythm kind of dancing, but the “jumping up and down like we’re at a rock concert!” type. Geez.

All I could do for the evening was huddle by the heater (it was outdoors, on Avila Beach…pretty, but cold!!), eating pretzels and tootsie roll pops. Luckily, I was still able to fulfill my chaperone-duties, because the heater became a “water cooler” of sorts, as girls (mostly) took short breaks to warm up.

The night before, we got to go to the Homecoming football game, as alumni once again. One of my high schoolers got jealous over my free “alumni” tri-tip sandwich and soda. I said, “Honey, in 8 years of being an alum, this is the only thing I’ve ever gotten. I deserve this.”

Other than those two events, however, I’ve spent the majority of this weekend in bed. I’ve had a KILLER sinus infection for the past couple days/weeks/not sure? Normally, if I “Neti Pot”, I can keep the allergies at bay. But what I really needed was Sudafed, and since I couldn’t take any (due to the delicacies of the first trimester and all), all of the “junk” in my head got infected.

I’ve been living like this for a while, feeling more and more miserable each passing day. Finally, yesterday morning, I said to myself, “what am I doing? why am I toughing this out?”. I called my midwife, and she had an antibiotic prescription in at Walgreens within the hour. Now, just a day later, I’m feeling better than I have in months! I never should have stuck it out this long. Life isn’t worth it with a continuous sinus migraine!

When I wasn’t sleeping (picture: slept in until 10:30 yesterday, took a 3 hour afternoon nap! thanks, Jesse, for taking G!), I worked on G’s scrapbook. About halfway done!


One thought on “We Are Old

  1. take care of yourself. rest when you can. and don’t feel guilty about it. you know what’s coming up….and DEFINITELY get medicine when you’re sick, silly!

    when you’re stronger, you can help take care of jesse to refill his energy. it’s a team competition. go team cone! 🙂

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