Here I am, late at night, too “jazzed up” to sleep because of this important claims/letter writing business that will hopefully get the ball rolling, somehow. For months now, ever since the accident, I’ve been feeling a lot of righteous indignation over how poorly we’ve been treated by those who were supposed to help. These letters are a relief in a way, because now I feel like we can finally stand up for ourselves.

I finished them both and decided to check my blogroll. The writer of An Inch of Gray, a mother who just lost her 7th grade boy in a flash flood, wrote an account of what occurred that tragic night, from her perspective.

And, wow. wow. wow.

Dear God, I needed that. Sometimes, what we need is a giant slap in the face, or, in this case, a huge punch to the gut to realize that our problems are so small in comparison with true suffering.

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