Three Things I Love

1. Spending weekends hanging out with our two families. This definitely isn’t getting old!

2. Gregory’s blossoming little personality. In church today, I was running out of things for him to play with and decided to give him a crayon. Instead of putting it in his mouth (I’m so glad we’re through with THAT phase!), he reached out and started coloring! On a blank sheet of paper! It took him a minute to figure out how best to create results, but the dexterity and the comprehension were definitely there, as he drew lines! Is this advanced?

Also, tonight he played peekabo with his Grandma Cone at the table. Turned his face away, made a sly face, and then jerked back around to giggle at her. Over and over. So cute, especially the little face he made, anticipating the next, “Boo!” He ate corn on the cob last night, slices of watermelon tonight, and even attacked my apple earlier. He loves having teeth!

He is also really into cuddling these days. Loves to lay his head on my chest and sigh, all curled up. Sometimes, it’s almost more sweetness than I can bear. All in all, he’s such a sweet little boy, and so very good. I had two people tell me at church today that their kids were never as “calm” and “attentive” as Gregory. We stood in the front row the entire liturgy, and G never once had a meltdown or crying episode. I’m so grateful for him!

3. SLEEP!!! Saturday, G slept in until 9:30am. This morning, he slept until 8:30am. Also, Jesse “gave” me a 4 hour nap this afternoon, while he played and cared for G. I slept like a baby, despite my full night of sleep. Amazing husband, amazing baby (yes, sleep at this stage means more to me than anything, so this won major points!).


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