All in the Outlook

A friend of mine just used the term, “Play at Home Mom” as a substitute for “Stay at Home Mom”. I think that’s really admirable– to constantly remind oneself that the real job is the caring and nurturing of kids, NOT keeping a clean house. On that matter, it really could relate to anyone– relationships over in-animate objects.

Good to remember, because if I don’t watch myself, I get frustrated that Gregory’s antics “interfere” with my bill paying, homework grading and laundry doing.

But isn’t that what kids are supposed to do? Get in the way of what we “think” we need, providing us instead with something that’s sometimes harder, sometimes the most wonderful thing we’ve ever encountered? They teach us a different pace, from when they’re growing inside and making every joint ache, to later on when walking beside them becomes the.slowest.thing.ever!

If God were to ask me in a few years which I was, a Stay at Home Mom or a Play at Home Mom, I would hope that I could answer the latter one. I hope that I can say I put more time and energy into nurturing those fleeting years of childhood than into the ever-present list of dishes and chores.


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